Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cutting Ties with Compromise

A few words on that of dropping the sword on that which compromises. It seems so abrupt and shocking. There is the insidious voice riding shotgun that urges us to "be reasonable" "not act to rashly...think about this....wait another day or so....wait until circumstances are more favorable!"

:) This voice is very intelligent in the art of diplomatic negotiation. It has its survival at stake and wants to continue to play a meaningful (i.e. predatory) role in our lives to ensure this survival. Thus, the smooth silvery tongue of compromise.

The sword is the way, with respect to those areas of our lives which continue to erode our resolve....keeping us squarely on the path. We know what they are, I don't need to create list here. The truth of it is the stroke of the an act of love. And it can be done gently, yet swiftly each time we are presented with that voice that urges, coerces, begs, insists, pries. We can cut it off with silence...and then turn to loving presence and clarity and vibrant discipline once again. Its a joyful reunion, each and every time, I'm happy to report. My body loves me for being.

I keep the sword clean and sharp at the ready. I keep formidable warrior friends who keep their swords clean and sharp at the ready (Lujan helped with his stern, loving words just this morning! And I am sooo thankful that his love is deep enough that he won't mince words when direct confrontation is needed...when he sees something that needs addressing). If I stumble and give in to this insidious voice...then I can act, once again swiftly and deftly like a surgeon....and then love myself completely by not brewing in guilt and self deprecation. Forgive and forget...and walk forward clear and free.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Simplicity: The Path into the Heart of Complexity

Simplicity is a fundamental theme in my life nowadays....represented by the centrally stationed position of the heart and its capacity to pervade, in a fractal spray, every micrometer of the infinite complexity of the physical body.

Here's the image that comes to mind. Traversing the way is to find the empty center within which the fractal revolves around and spirals off of. Its the heart of the fractal...and it is black....empty...and yet it is full of infinite possibility and energetic which explodes beautifully, flowering in every direction.

The joy for me these days is to simply station my awareness within my empty center...without contrived rhetorical inner discourse and its clunky conclusions...and watch the fractalising profusion erupt and gush around me in the midst of my un-interfering observational view. Purpose that is at large in the universe is far more sophisticated than what can be contrived in my mind, I'm finding...and when I step aside from the mind's awareness naturally expands to become privy to its design as it unfolds beneath my feet. Its an intimate view....and its an awesome view. And all I have to do is simply step into the heart of the view to enjoy the fullest possible perspective...and avoid the brash dissonance which inevitably congeals if I try to muck with what keeps me buoyantly in the center of that view.

Here's to the white horses......I Ching's symbolic representation of the profound power of simplicity!

With Love

Friday, August 6, 2010


Fearlessness emerges like a bubble....a cocoon of ambient peace...that literally purges fear outward to a position beyond its perimeter. The purging takes place amidst a kind of high velocity energetic frequency that seems to spontaneously arise upon standing one's ground, over time, in the face of fear....standing poised within one's heart amidst a perimeter of integrity. This means not blindly lashing out in retaliation to the source of one's fear....nor recoiling in panic.

In my personal experience, it has simply taken the sustained bodily intention to face fear in my life...with many, many failures in terms of "caving in"....and many many returns in self forgiveness and support from my warrior friends..until breakthroughs began to surface in this department.

The breakthroughs have gathered momentum and lent themselves to an almost sustained ambient thrum of intensity that has made itself available to me (with natural ebbs and flows, to be clear :) on a daily basis.

The bottom line is...I'm not afraid of fear anymore. My purpose has gathered momentum. It is an arrow already released from the bow string...and its aimed at the heart of my fear...and simultaneously at the heart of my peace and joy. So, I simply release my hold and let myself fly by the impetus of the Spirit. I trust...and in trust I will reach the mark.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Impeccability: An Extension of the Heart

It's interesting...the notion of impeccability as an imperative for the progress of a warrior in training. I took it seriously, of course, at the beginning of my "education" and, of course, failed miserably in terms of manifesting it in my day-to-day life.

Now I know why. Something I learned...apprehended within my body...upon engaging Lujan's corpus of knowledge and while interacting with his luminous clan of heart warriors: impeccability cannot be forced upon oneself from the outside in. Ego-driven perfectionism in order to command control is doomed from the outset. Control over oneself simply cannot coexist in this dissonant state of craving.

The paradox holds the answer. To gain control, in terms of release from ones habitual state of indulging and compromise, one must release the grip that controls. This is called "effortless effort", as I've heard my warrior cohorts say again and again. Cultivating a state of profound release...from our agenda...from our preoccupations...from our long-winded desires...ushers us into a state of suspension that has its seat in the heart of a warrior. And when our hearts are aligned with the moment that we are perennially suspended in, then we are aligned with purpose and energy far beyond our previous machinations. We become bathed in the magic of the moment...and that state, simply put, is impeccability itself. Action flows from this state with smooth, seamless elegance and sophistication that, in my own experience, never ceases to be utterly surprising. It surprises in such a way that the warrior who experiences it...if he or she is worth her salt....can never take full credit for. And this leads us to the notion of a warrior's humility.

Again...humility cannot be contrived...especially alongside attempts resulting in contrived impeccability. True humility...just as true a natural phenomenon of being centered and suspended within one's heart.

Both are a joy to behold...and experience. They are real...and they are natural states of existence. They are our heritage!