Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cutting Ties with Compromise

A few words on that of dropping the sword on that which compromises. It seems so abrupt and shocking. There is the insidious voice riding shotgun that urges us to "be reasonable" "not act to rashly...think about this....wait another day or so....wait until circumstances are more favorable!"

:) This voice is very intelligent in the art of diplomatic negotiation. It has its survival at stake and wants to continue to play a meaningful (i.e. predatory) role in our lives to ensure this survival. Thus, the smooth silvery tongue of compromise.

The sword is the way, with respect to those areas of our lives which continue to erode our resolve....keeping us squarely on the path. We know what they are, I don't need to create list here. The truth of it is the stroke of the an act of love. And it can be done gently, yet swiftly each time we are presented with that voice that urges, coerces, begs, insists, pries. We can cut it off with silence...and then turn to loving presence and clarity and vibrant discipline once again. Its a joyful reunion, each and every time, I'm happy to report. My body loves me for being.

I keep the sword clean and sharp at the ready. I keep formidable warrior friends who keep their swords clean and sharp at the ready (Lujan helped with his stern, loving words just this morning! And I am sooo thankful that his love is deep enough that he won't mince words when direct confrontation is needed...when he sees something that needs addressing). If I stumble and give in to this insidious voice...then I can act, once again swiftly and deftly like a surgeon....and then love myself completely by not brewing in guilt and self deprecation. Forgive and forget...and walk forward clear and free.

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