Saturday, August 14, 2010

Simplicity: The Path into the Heart of Complexity

Simplicity is a fundamental theme in my life nowadays....represented by the centrally stationed position of the heart and its capacity to pervade, in a fractal spray, every micrometer of the infinite complexity of the physical body.

Here's the image that comes to mind. Traversing the way is to find the empty center within which the fractal revolves around and spirals off of. Its the heart of the fractal...and it is black....empty...and yet it is full of infinite possibility and energetic which explodes beautifully, flowering in every direction.

The joy for me these days is to simply station my awareness within my empty center...without contrived rhetorical inner discourse and its clunky conclusions...and watch the fractalising profusion erupt and gush around me in the midst of my un-interfering observational view. Purpose that is at large in the universe is far more sophisticated than what can be contrived in my mind, I'm finding...and when I step aside from the mind's awareness naturally expands to become privy to its design as it unfolds beneath my feet. Its an intimate view....and its an awesome view. And all I have to do is simply step into the heart of the view to enjoy the fullest possible perspective...and avoid the brash dissonance which inevitably congeals if I try to muck with what keeps me buoyantly in the center of that view.

Here's to the white horses......I Ching's symbolic representation of the profound power of simplicity!

With Love

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