Friday, August 6, 2010


Fearlessness emerges like a bubble....a cocoon of ambient peace...that literally purges fear outward to a position beyond its perimeter. The purging takes place amidst a kind of high velocity energetic frequency that seems to spontaneously arise upon standing one's ground, over time, in the face of fear....standing poised within one's heart amidst a perimeter of integrity. This means not blindly lashing out in retaliation to the source of one's fear....nor recoiling in panic.

In my personal experience, it has simply taken the sustained bodily intention to face fear in my life...with many, many failures in terms of "caving in"....and many many returns in self forgiveness and support from my warrior friends..until breakthroughs began to surface in this department.

The breakthroughs have gathered momentum and lent themselves to an almost sustained ambient thrum of intensity that has made itself available to me (with natural ebbs and flows, to be clear :) on a daily basis.

The bottom line is...I'm not afraid of fear anymore. My purpose has gathered momentum. It is an arrow already released from the bow string...and its aimed at the heart of my fear...and simultaneously at the heart of my peace and joy. So, I simply release my hold and let myself fly by the impetus of the Spirit. I trust...and in trust I will reach the mark.


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